Monday, 13 May 2013


1/3 of Methlab, and long-time contributor to London's electronic music scene, Codeshift has been rocking dancefloors since 2004 with his uniquely put together sets. One of the founders of the infamous Yardcore clubnight in London that ran from 2004, alongside DjRum, Rrritalin and Dj Mash for Cash; giving one of the first forums in the city for Dubstep, Jungle, Drum and Bass, Hip Hop and Techno to sit alongside each other without cliques. Initially Dj'ing on vinyl, he's played alongside the likes of Mira Calix, Bong-Ra, Ed Rush, Zan Lyons, Aaron Spectre, Remarc, Various Production and many others. He covers a very broad range of styles and fuses genres to move as fluidly as possible through different tempos and moods within any individual set.

Codeshift is available alongside to the rest of our roster, to bring the taste of Methlab and beyond to your night. He is available for Dubstep/Hip-Hop/DnB/Techno mash-up sets, or do a more focussed single-genre audio assault. He is also available for experimental ambient sets.